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The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics regularly reports that the percentage of working-age people with disabilities in the labor force is about one-third that of persons with no disability. Magnolia Community Services believes that every adult who wants to work deserves the opportunity to earn a paycheck. Too often, adults with developmental disabilities face barriers to employment due to lack of experience and specialized training.

Magnolia Works is a continuum of employment services to help participants find, secure and maintain employment in the community.

Work Readiness Class

Through instruction and group learning, participants develop the skills needed to conduct a job search and maintain employment, including: understanding different job opportunities, completing applications, writing a resume, interviewing, professional grooming and hygiene, workplace communication, and personal development and growth.

Magnolia Pre-Vocational Training Academy

This year-long vocational training program is designed for adults who have previously faced barriers to employment due to a lack of specific training and/or skills in specialized disciplines. Participants receive a hands-on training in a real workplace environment. Upon successful completion of their training, participants will have learned the skills necessary to help them secure meaningful employment with a community employer.

Magnolia Supported Employment Solutions

Magnolia proudly partners with over 10 local businesses to provide a wide variety of employment opportunities for program participants, including retail, clerical, warehouse operations, culinary services and janitorial. This range of opportunity increases participants self-determination, financial security and independence.

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Supported Employment - Magnolia Community Services

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